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Lyft Inc Expects Adjusted EBITDA Loss Of $35 Mln To $45 Mln In Q2 - Conf Call

Published: 05/04/2021 21:52 GMT
Lyft Inc - Ordinary Shares Cls A (LYFT) - Lyft Inc - in April, Rideshare Rides Declined Month-over-month Due to Typical Seasonality and the Impact of the Holidays - Conf Call.
Lyft Inc - Average Daily Airport Rides Were Up More Than 65% in April Relative to January - Conf Call.
Lyft Inc - Rideshare Revenue per Ride Increased Even Minus Driver Incentives - Conf Call.
Lyft Inc - Elevated Pricing in April Contributed to Revenue Increase Compared to March, Despite Lower Ride Volumes - Conf Call.
Lyft Inc - Expects Adjusted EBITDA Loss of $35 Million to $45 Million in Q2 - Conf Call.
Lyft Inc - Once We Become Adjusted EBITDA Profitable, We Expect to Remain So, Even As We Reinvest in Future Growth Opportunities and Tam Expansion.
Lyft Inc - While We Expect to Invest in Incentives to Improve Supply, We Are Also Leaning Into the Driver Experience.
Lyft Inc - We Think That in Q3 and Beyond, We'll Start to a Few Trends That Should Give US Real Tailwinds on the Driver Side.
Lyft Inc - Expects Leisure Travel to Ramp Up Towards the End of Q3 As More People Get Vaccinated.
Lyft Inc - Does Not Expect the Type of Dollar Impact on Federal Lobbying Efforts As During Last Year’s Prop 22 Campaign.
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