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RBL Bank Enters Deal With Visa To Issue Credit Cards

Published: 07/15/2021 03:49 GMT
Mastercard Incorporated - Ordinary Shares - Class A (MA) - Await Further Information From Mastercard on Rbi's Supervisory Action.
Rbl Bank Currently Issues Credit Cards on Mastercard Network Only.
Debit, Prepaid Cards Issued by Bank Already Enabled on Other Payment Networks in Addition to Mastercard Network.
Entered Agreement With Visa Worldwide to Issue Credit Cards Enabled on Visa Payment Network.
Expects to Start Issuance of Credit Cards on Visa Payment Network Post Technology Integration in 8 to 10 Weeks.
In Interim, Bank's Current Run Rate of Approx.
100,000 New Credit Card Issuances/month Could Potentially Be Impacted.