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Matson Expects Q3 Diluted EPS To Be Between $6.39 And $6.58

Published: 10/11/2021 20:18 GMT
Matson Inc (MATX) - Matson Announces Preliminary 3q21 Results, Provides Business Update and Announces 3q21 Earnings Call Date.
Matson Inc - Expects 3q21 Operating Income for Ocean Transportation to Be $358.0 to $363.0 Million.
Matson Inc - Expects 3q21 Net Income and Diluted EPS to Be $277.3 to $285.5 Million and $6.39 to $6.58, Respectively.
Matson Inc - Domestic Tradelane Volumes in 3q21 Well Above Volumes in 3q20; Strong Hawaii Volume As Tourism and Economy Rebounds From Pandemic Lows.