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MDC Partners Special Committee Responds To Indaba Capital Management

Published: 05/27/2021 02:54 GMT
MDC Partners Inc. - Ordinary Shares - Class A (MDCA) - Mdc Partners Special Committee Responds to Indaba Capital Management, Lpmdc Partners- Mdc Special Committee, Mdc Executives and Stagwell Executives Have Met With Indaba on Multiple Occasions Over Past Several Months.
Mdc Partners- Disappointed Indaba Has Chosen to Take Private Concerns Public, Believe Its Analysis & Other Suggestions Are Inaccurate & Irresponsible.
Gratified That Most Mdc Investors Appear to Recognize Value That Can Be Created Through Combination.
"firmly Believe That Mdc Shareholders Should, and Largely Do, Welcome and Support Combination".
Mdc Partners - "unfortunate" Indaba Claims It Does Not Recognize Merits of Transaction Or Value Creation It Has Already Provided to Mdc Shareholders.
Encourage Other Mdc Shareholders to Read Carefully Our Full Proxy Statement, to Vote in Favor of Combination.
Mdc Partners - Stagwell Deal Makes Compelling Strategic and Financial Sense and That is Well-recognized in Market.
Mdc Partners- Special Committee of Co Responded to Reports Indicating Indaba to Vote Against Proposed Deal Involving Mdc Partners and Stagwell Media.