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Meta CEO Zuckerberg says there is 'more we can do' to improve productivity, speed and cost structure

Published: 02/01/2023 23:45 GMT
Meta Platforms Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (META) - Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says There is 'more We Can Do' to Improve Productivity, Speed and Cost Structure- Conf Call.
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says Reels Plays Across Facebook and Instagram Have More Than Doubled Over the Last Year.
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says Reels Monetization Efficiency on Facebook Has Doubled in Past Six Months.
Meta CEO Says Ai Has Helped Advertisers Achieve 20% More Conversions, Led to Higher Return on Ad Spend.
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says Reels on Track to Be "roughly Neutral by the End of 2023 Or Early 2024; Should Be Able to Grow Profitably After That.
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says He Wants Meta to Become a Leader in Generative Ai, in Addition to Existing Work in Recommendations Ai.
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Says Co Will Launch Next Consumer Headset Later This Year, Also Featuring Mixed Reality.
Meta CFO Says Financial Services and Technology Advertisers Were the Largest Negative Contributors to Revenue Decline.
Meta CFO Says Co Had Over 86,400 Employees at End of Q4, Says "vast Majority" of Impacted Employees Will Not Be Captured in Headcount Figures by Q1 End.
Meta CFO Says Still Contending With the Macro Uncertainty and Advertiser Demand Weakness; But Making "good Progress".
Meta CFO Says Co is Using Ai to Increase Automation for Advertisers and Make It Easier to Run Campaigns.
Meta CFO Says Co is Shifting to a More Cost-efficient Data Center Architecture That Can Support Both Ai and Non-ai Workloads.