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Magenta Announces Commencement Of First Phase 2 Clinical Trial Of MGTA-145 For Stem Cell Mobilization

Published: 12/07/2020 13:19 GMT
Magenta Therapeutics Inc (MGTA) - Magenta Therapeutics Inc - Announces Commencement of First Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Mgta-145 for Stem Cell Mobilization.
Magenta - Plans to Initiate Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Early 2021 Using Mgta-145 to Mobilize, Collect Stem Cells for Transplant in Patients With Aml, All, Mds.
Magenta Therapeutics Inc - All Primary and Secondary Endpoints Were Met in Mgta-145 Stem Cell Mobilization Phase 1 Clinical Trial.
Magenta Therapeutics - Preclinical Data From Study of Mgta-117 Show It is Effective, Potent Conditioning Agent for Transplant With Anti-leukemic Activity.
Magenta Therapeutics - Ongoing Glp Toxicology & Gmp Manufacturing Progress Continue to Be Supportive of Advancing Mgta-117 Towards Ind Filing in Aml & Mds.