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Marathon Petroleum Corp ADM Announce Feedstock Partnership To Support Renewable Diesel Production

Published: 08/19/2021 21:53 GMT
Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC) - Marathon Petroleum Corp.
, Adm Announce Feedstock Partnership to Support Renewable Diesel Production.
Marathon Petroleum Corp - to Invest in Adm's Recently Announced Spiritwood Soybean Processing Facility.
Marathon Petroleum - Companies to Explore Further Opportunities to Support Renewable Transportation Fuels.
Marathon Petroleum - Co, Adm Announced Agreement to Form a Jv for Production of Soybean Oil to Supply Rapidly Growing Demand for Renewable Diesel Fuel.
Marathon Petroleum Corp - Adm to Own 75 Percent of Joint Venture and Mpc to Own 25 Percent.
Marathon Petroleum - Spiritwood Complex is Expected to Produce About 600 Million Pounds of Refined Soybean Oil Annually.
Marathon Petroleum - Spiritwood Complex is Expected to Begin Production for 2023 Harvest.