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Marquee Raine And Enjoy Technology Expect Business Combination To Be Completed Early In Q4

Published: 09/14/2021 12:42 GMT
(MRAC) - Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp.
and Enjoy Technology Announce Accelerating Expansion With Partners and Significant Commitment From Current and Key Investors to Increase Certainty of Transaction Closing.
Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp - Enjoy Currently Expects to Achieve 2021 Forecast Revenue of $109 Million.
Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp - Enjoy Expects to Achieve Mobile Store Profitability in Q4 2021.
Marquee Raine Acquisition - Enjoy, Marquee Raine Have Adjusted Combined Company's Approximate Pro Forma Enterprise Value From $1.18 Billion to $1.06 Billion.
Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp - Marquee Raine and Enjoy Expect Business Combination to Be Completed Early in Q4 of 2021.
Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp - Upon Completion of Transaction, Combined Company Will Operate As Enjoy Technology Inc.marquee Raine Acquisition Corp - Enjoy is Launching a Complete Smart Last Mile™ Solution in North America in Q4 2021.
Marquee Raine-current, Key Investors Commit to Provide Up to $100 Million at $10.00 per Share to Increase Certainty of Business Combination Closing in Early Q4.