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Mercury Systems Acquires Atlanta Micro

Published: 11/29/2021 14:26 GMT
Mercury Systems Inc (MRCY) - Mercury Systems Acquires Atlanta Micro.
Mercury Systems Inc- Acquisition is Expected to Have a Non-material Financial Impact in Mercury's Second Fiscal Quarter Ending December 31, 2021.
Mercury Systems Inc- Acquisition is Expected to Be Immediately Accretive to Adjusted Eps.
Mercury Systems - Under Terms of Purchase Agreement, Co Acquired Atlanta Micro for All Cash, Subject to Net Working Capital and Net Debt Adjustments.
Mercury Systems Inc - Acquisition and Associated Transaction Expenses Were Funded Through Mercury's Existing Revolving Credit Facility.
Mercury Systems- Atlanta Micro Expected to Contribute About $16mln in Revenue for Twelve Months Ending Dec 31 2022, With Adjusted EBITDA Margins Above 30%.