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U.S. Government Exercises 1St Option For Additional 100 Million Doses Of Moderna’S Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate

Published: 12/11/2020 21:40 GMT
Moderna Inc (MRNA) - U.S. Government Exercises 1st Option for Additional 100 Million Doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate.
Moderna Inc - U.S. Government Retains Option to Purchase Up to an Additional 300 Million Doses.
Moderna Inc - Additional Doses Ordered Today Will Be Delivered in Q2 2021.
Moderna Inc - Total of 200 Million Doses Ordered by U.
S Government to Date.
Moderna Inc - Expects U.S. Government Will Provide Vaccine to Americans at No Cost As Previously Announced.
Moderna Inc - "will Have Enough Supply to Vaccinate All Americans Who Want It by Q2 of 2021".
Moderna Inc - Approximately 20 Million Doses Will Be Delivered by End of December 2020 and Balance Will Be Delivered in Q1 of 2021.