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Moderna Has Shipped 100 Millionth Dose Of Its COVID-19 Vaccine To U.S. Government

Published: 03/29/2021 12:27 GMT
Moderna Inc (MRNA) - Moderna Announces Shipment of 100 Millionth Dose of Its Covid-19 Vaccine to the U.S. Government.
Moderna Inc - Has Shipped 100-millionth Dose of Its Covid-19 Vaccine to U.S. Government.
Moderna - More Than 67 Million Doses of Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Have Been Administered in U.S., According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Moderna Inc - Expects to Ship 40-50 Million Doses per Month to U.S. Government to Fulfill Its Commitments.
Moderna Inc - Expects to Meet Its Commitment Dates to U.S. Government for All Currently Ordered Doses of Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine.