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National Instruments Corp Says On August 24, Entered Into A Third Amended And Restated Credit Agreement

Published: 08/25/2022 13:07 GMT
National Instruments Corp. (NATI) - National Instruments Corp - on August 24, Entered Into a Third Amended and Restated Credit Agreement.
National Instruments- Credit Agreement Amends & Restates in Its Entirety and Refinances Co's Existing Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement.
National Instruments Corp - Credit Agreement Provides for an Initial $1 Billion Credit Facility.
National Instruments - As of Closing, $500 Million Term Loans, $30 Million Revolving Loans, $1.3 Million of Letters of Credit Outstanding Under Credit Agreement.
National Instruments - Subject to Terms & Conditions of Credit Agreement, Co May Request Additional Term Loans Or Additional Revolving Commitments.
National Instruments - Under Credit Agreement, Revolving Line of Credit Terminates, Revolving Loans, Term Loans Will Be Due on Aug 24, 2027.