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NFE And EBRASIL Agree To Sell The 1.6 GW Celse Power Plant To Eneva S.A.

Published: 06/01/2022 11:37 GMT
New Fortress Energy Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (NFE) - Press Release - Nfe and Ebrasil Agree to Sell the 1.6 Gw Celse Power Plant to Eneva Sa for an Enterprise Value of R$10.2 Billion ($2.16 Billion).
New Fortress Energy Inc- As Part of Transaction, Eneva Has Agreed to Acquire, Directly and Indirectly, 100% of Shares of Celsepar.
New Fortress Energy- Entered Spa Eneva Sa Whereby Eneva to Acquire 100% of Equity Interests of Porto De Sergipe Power Plant for R$6.1 Billion in Cash.
New Fortress Energy Inc- Accounting for Nfe's 50% Ownership of Celsepar, Deal is Projected to Generate Proceeds to Nfe of Approximately $550 Million Usd.