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ImmunityBio Says hAd5 T-Cell Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Complete Protection Of Airways In Non-Human Primates

Published: 12/11/2020 02:56 GMT
(NK) - Immunitybio’s Had5 T-cell Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Complete Protection of Airways in Non-human Primates.
Immunitybio- Had5-covid-19 Oral Vaccine Candidate Will Enter Phase 1 Human Trials.
Immunitybio - Had5-covid-19 Oral Capsule Vaccine Candidate Was Effective at Room Temperature in Non-human Primates.
Immunitybio - Had5-covid-19 Vaccine Determined to Be Well Tolerated.
Immunitybio - Phase 2 Trial is Now Actively Recruiting.
Immunitybio- Pending Discussions With FDA, Vaccine Candidate Will Be Explored to Provide a Boost to Subcutaneous Vaccinations.