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NRX Pharmaceuticals Treatment Trial Shows Significant Relief From Respiratory Distress In Critical COVID-19

Published: 08/30/2021 12:25 GMT
NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc (NRXP) - Nrx Pharmaceuticals Announces New Finding From Zyesami™ (aviptadil) Phase 2b/3 Clinical Trial.
Nrx Pharmaceuticals Inc -zyesami Phase 2b/3 Clinical Trial Demonstrating Clinically Significant Relief From Respiratory Distress in Critical Covid-19.
Nrx Pharmaceuticals Inc - Has Provided Updated Data to US FDA in Support of Emergency Use Authorization Request for Zyesami.
Nrx Pharmaceuticals Inc -to Submit Breakthrough Therapy Designation to FDA for Zyesami for Treating Respiratory Failure in Critical Covid-19 Patients.
Nrx Pharmaceuticals Inc -patients Treated With Zyesami Showed Improvement in Blood Oxygen, Within a Day of Starting Treatment.