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Relief Therapeutics Holding And Nrx Pharmaceuticals Announce Execution Of Definitive Settlement Agreements

Published: 11/14/2022 06:30 GMT
NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc (NRXP) - And Nrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announce Execution of Definitive Settlement Agreements.
Relief- Co Will Have Exclusive Right Going Forward and Obligation to Use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to Develop,commercialize an Aviptadil Product.
Relief Therapeutics Holding - Nrx Pharmaceuticals Will Transfer to Relief All of Assets That It Previously Used in Its Aviptadil Development Program.
Relief-co Agreed to Use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to Continue Existing Right to Try Program for Aviptadil in United States for at Least 2 Years.
Relief - Co Will Pay Nrx Pharmaceuticals Milestone Payments If It Can Successfully Obtain Commercial Approval of an Aviptadil Product.
Nrx Pharmaceuticals Has Agreed Not to Compete in Development of an Aviptadil Product in Future.
Relief Therapeutics Holding - Co Will Pay Nrx Pharmaceuticals Royalties Based on a Percentage of Future Sales of an Aviptadil Product , Up to a Maximum of $30 Million in Aggregate.