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Ocugen Provides Update INDA With U.S. FDA To Initiate Phase 3 Trial Evaluating Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Covaxin

Published: 11/26/2021 12:09 GMT
Ocugen Inc (OCGN) - Ocugen, Inc. Provides an Update on Its Investigational New Drug Application With U.S. FDA to Initiate a Phase 3 Clinical Trial Evaluating Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Covaxin™ (bbv152).
Ocugen Inc - FDA Plans to Identify Specific Deficiencies That Are Basis for Clinical Hold and Information on How to Address Those Deficiencies.
Ocugen Inc - FDA) Has Issued a Clinical Hold on Company's Investigational New Drug Application (ind) to Evaluate Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate, Bbv152.
Ocugen Inc - Expects to Receive Formal Written Communication With Additional Information From FDA.
Ocugen Inc - Plans to Work With FDA in an Effort to Resolve Its Questions As Promptly As Possible.