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ODP Corp Provides Update On Compucom’S Malware Incident And Business Impact

Published: 03/26/2021 22:03 GMT
ODP Corporation (The) (ODP) - The Odp Corporation Provides Update on Compucom’s Malware Incident and Business Impact.
Odp Corp Says Compucom Has Made Significant Progress in Restoring Operations and Service Delivery to Its Customers.
Odp Corp - Expects to Incur Expenses of Up to $20 Million, of Which Co Assumes About $10 Million Will Be Accrued Through Q1 of 2021.
Odp Corp Says Expects Compucom's Down Time Experienced and Related Impact Due to Malware Incident to Result in a Loss of Revenue for Month of March.
Odp Corp Says Estimates Loss of Revenue to Be Between $5.0 Million and $8.0 Million As a Result of Incident.
Odp Corp Says As a Part of Restoration Efforts, Compucom Has Taken Actions to Efficiently and Securely Restore Service Delivery to Its Customers.
Odp Corp - Certain Compucom Services Were Not Directly Impacted by Malware & Continued to Deliver Certain Services to Those Customers Throughout March.
Odp Corp - Expects That Compucom Will Have Service Delivery Restored to Substantially All of Its Customers by End of March 2021.