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The ODP Corp Delays Public Co Separation To Evaluate Potential Sale Of Its Consumer Business

Published: 01/14/2022 13:01 GMT
ODP Corporation (The) (ODP) - The Odp Corporation Delays Public Company Separation to Evaluate Potential Sale of Its Consumer Business.
Odp Corp - Announces It Has Received a Proposal From a Second Party to Acquire Its Consumer Business.
Odp Corp - in December 2021, Odp's Board of Directors Received a Non-binding Proposal From Another Third Party to Acquire Company's Consumer Business.
Odp Corp - Remains in Conversation With Sycamore As It Further Evaluates Potential Value and Regulatory Risk of Sycamore's Proposed Transaction.
Odp Corp - Terms of December 2021 Third Party Proposal Are Confidential.
Odp Corp - Reviewing Both Proposals.
Odp - to Delay Further Work on Separation to Avoid Incurring Potentially Unnecessary Costs While Focusing on Potential Sale of Consumer Business.