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Oasis Petroleum Announces Sale Of Its Remaining DevCo Interests To Oasis Midstream Partners And IDR Elimination

Published: 03/22/2021 11:50 GMT
(OMP) - Oasis Petroleum Inc. Announces Sale of Its Remaining Devco Interests to Oasis Midstream Partners and Idr Elimination, Updates 2021 Midstream Cash Flow Guidance, and Announces Share-repurchase Program.
Oasis Petroleum Inc - Board of Directors Has Authorized a New $100 Million Share-repurchase Program.
Oasis Petroleum Inc - New Share-repurchase Program Expires on December 31, 2022.
Oasis Petroleum Inc - in Conjunction With Simplification, Oasis Completed Its Second Amendment to Its Credit Agreement.
Oasis Petroleum - Amendment Includes Reduction of Borrowing Base From $575 Million to $500 Million to Account for Simplification.
Oasis Petroleum Inc - Amendment Reduces Elected Commitment Amounts to $450 Million.
Oasis Petroleum Inc - Upon Completion of Simplification, Oasis Expects Cash Flows From Omp Limited Partner Distributions of About $81 Million for 2021.