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Ossen Innovation Announces Receipt Of Preliminary Non-Binding Proposal To Acquire The Company

Published: 09/16/2020 12:59 GMT
Ossen Innovation Co Ltd - ADR (OSN) - Ossen Innovation Announces Receipt of a Preliminary Non-binding Proposal to Acquire the Company.
Ossen Innovation Co - Board Received Preliminary Non-binding Proposal Letter From Pujiang International Group.
Ossen Innovation - Proposal to Acquire All Co's Ordinary Shares Not Owned by Pujiang for $1.667 in Cash per Ordinary Share, Or $5.00 in Cash per Ads.
Ossen Innovation Co Ltd - Board Intends to Form a Special Committee Consisting of Independent Directors to Consider Proposal.
Ossen Innovation - Board Expects Special Committee Will Retain Independent Advisors, to Assist It in Proposal Consideration.