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Outlook Therapeutics Provides Update On Biologics License Application Submission For ONS-5010 As A Treatment For Wet AMD

Published: 05/31/2022 13:45 GMT
Outlook Therapeutics Inc (OTLK) - Outlook Therapeutics Provides Update on Biologics License Application (bla) Submission for Ons-5010 As a Treatment for Wet Amd.
U.S. FDA Requested Additional Information in Order to Complete Filing of Bla for Ons-5010/ Lytenava™.
Says Voluntarily Withdrawn Its Bla for Ons-5010 and is Actively Working to Respond to FDA's Request.company Plans to Re-submit a Revised Bla by September 2022.
Says Plans to Re-submit a Revised Bla for Ons-5010 by September 2022.