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PG&E Agrees To Sell Its San Francisco Headquarters Complex To Hines Atlas Us Lp For $800 Million

Published: 05/24/2021 13:12 GMT
PG&E Corp. (PCG) - Press Release - Pg&e Agrees to Sell Its San Francisco Headquarters Complex to Hines Atlas US Lp for $800 Million.
Pg&e Corp - Relocation to Oakland is Expected to Result in Substantial Long-term Cost Savings.
Pg&e Corp - Pg&e Has Requested Cpuc Permission to Return Net Gain Realized on Sale to Customers.
Pg&e Corp - Pg&e Remains on Track for a Phased Move Into Its New Headquarters at 300 Lakeside Drive in Oakland, Beginning in First Half of 2022.
Pg&e Corp - Expects Move to Oakland to Result in Substantially Lower Headquarters Costs Over a Long-term Period.
Pg&e Corp - Plans to Consolidate Two Other East Bay Satellite Office Locations.