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Pacira Biosciences To Acquire Flexion Therapeutics

Published: 10/11/2021 15:52 GMT
Pacira BioSciences Inc (PCRX) - Pacira Biosciences to Acquire Flexion Therapeutics Further Expanding Leadership Position in Non-opioid Pain Management.
Pacira Biosciences Inc - Deal for $8.50 per Share in Cash, Plus One Non-tradeable Contingent Value Right (cvr) Worth Up to $8.00 per Share in Cash.
Pacira Biosciences Inc - Deal Expected to Be Accretive to Full-year 2022 Earnings and Significantly Accretive Thereafter.
Pacira Biosciences Inc - Sees Exparel Net Product Sales of $121.9 Million for Q3 and $39.7 Million for Month of September.
Pacira Biosciences Inc - Consistent With Pacira Practices, Flexion is Withdrawing Its Zilretta Sales Guidance for 2021.