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Pfizer Says Co & Biontech Achieve First Authorization In World For A Vaccine To Combat Covid-19

Published: 12/02/2020 07:20 GMT
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) - Pfizer and Biontech Achieve First Authorization in the World for a Vaccine to Combat Covid-19.
Pfizer Inc - Uk Regulator, Mhra, Authorizes Supply of Covid-19 Mrna Vaccine for Emergency Supply Under Regulation 174.
Pfizer Inc - Companies Are Ready to Deliver First Doses to Uk Immediately.
Pfizer Inc - U.S. FDA and Eu Ema Decisions on Authorization Are Expected in December.
Pfizer Inc - First Authorization for a Covid-19 Vaccine Represents a Breakthrough Scientific Achievement to Help Combat This Devastating Pandemic.
Pfizer - Distribution of Vaccine in Uk Will Be Prioritized According to Populations Identified in Guidance From Jcvi.
Pfizer Inc - First Doses Are Expected to Arrive in Uk in Coming Days, With Complete Delivery Fulfilment Expected in 2021.
Pfizer - Biontech Will Also Increase Its Manufacturing Capacity in 2021, Once a Third Site in Germany Will Start Manufacturing.
Pfizer - Critical to Distribution in the Uk Will Be Pfizer’s Manufacturing Site in Puurs, Belgium, One of Pfizer’s Largest Sterile Injectable Sites.
Pfizer - Puurs Site is Being Used Primarily for European Supply But Will Also Serve As Back Up Supply to Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the U.S. Market.