Pulse Biosciences Inc

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Debt Financing / Related, Layoffs, Officer Changes

Pulse Biosciences Announces Strategic Change Of Focus In Support Of Additional Opportunities For Medicinal Related Nano-Pulse Stimulation

Published: 09/20/2022 20:37 GMT
Pulse Biosciences Inc (PLSE) - Pulse Biosciences Announces Strategic Change of Focus in Support of Significant Additional Opportunities for Medicinal Related Nano-pulse Stimulation.
Pulse Biosciences Inc - Robert Duggan and Company Enter Into a $65 Million Loan Agreement.
Pulse Biosciences - Kevin Danahy, Appointed Chief Executive Officer; Former Chief Executive Officer Darrin Uecker to Serve As Chief Technology Officer.
Pulse Biosciences Inc - Robert W. Duggan Appointed As Executive Chairman.
Pulse Biosciences Inc - Co's Headcount Now Stands at 66 Employees.
Pulse Biosciences Inc - Along With Minimizing Commercial Activities, Company Plans to Evaluate Potential Partners in Dermatology Space.
Pulse Biosciences - Vast Majority of Present Time Reduction in Personnel Mainly Impacts Dermatological Sales, Marketing & Related Support Activities.