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Pinnacle Financial Partners Reports Q3 EPS Of $1.75

Published: 10/12/2021 21:28 GMT
Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. (PNFP) - Pnfp Reports Diluted EPS of $1.75, Roaa of 1.47% and Rotce of 16.98% for 3q2021.
Q3 Earnings per Share $1.75.
Q3 Revenue $341.6 Million Versus Refinitiv Ibes Estimate of $329.2 Million.
Q3 Earnings per Share Estimate $1.54 -- Refinitiv Ibes Data (analyst estimates).
Net Interest Income for Quarter Ended Sept.
30, 2021 Was $237.5 Million.
Revenue is expected to be $335.49 Million
Adjusted EPS is expected to be $1.58

Next Quarter Revenue Guidance is expected to be $337.75 Million
Next Quarter EPS Guidance is expected to be $1.51

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