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Plus Therapeutics Announces Summary Of FDA Meeting On Cgmp Manufacturing Process For Lead Drug Candidate

Published: 08/29/2022 11:14 GMT
Plus Therapeutics Inc (PSTV) - Plus Therapeutics Inc -.
Plus Therapeutics Announces Summary of FDA Meeting on Company’s Cgmp Manufacturing Process for Lead Drug Candidate.
Plus Therapeutics Inc - Cgmp Production of 186rnl Targeted Radiotherapeutic Beginning in H2 2022 to Support Ongoing and Future Respect Clinical Trials.
Plus Therapeutics - FDA Indicated Agreement With Proposed Application of Cgmp Guidance for Radiotherapeutics, Small Molecule Drug Products, Liposome Drug Products for Novel 186rnl.
Plus Therapeutics - Expects FDA Feedback Will Apply to 186rnl Used in Other Clinical Development Programs, Incl.
Leptomeningeal Metastases, Pediatric Brain Cancer.