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Harvest Capital Credit Corporation To Merge Into Portman Ridge Finance Corporation

Published: 12/23/2020 23:19 GMT
Portman Ridge Finance Corp (PTMN) - Press Release - Harvest Capital Credit Corporation to Merge Into Portman Ridge Finance Corporation.
Portman Ridge Finance Corp - Current Hcap Stockholders Are Expected to Own Approximately 16.6% of Combined Company.
Portman Ridge Finance Corp - Hcap Stockholders Will Receive Aggregate Consideration Equal to Hcap's Net Asset Value at Closing.
Portman Ridge Finance - Hcap Stockholders Will Have Opportunity to Elect to Receive Either Cash Or Ptmn Shares in Consideration for Their Hcap Shares.
Portman Ridge - Additionally, All Hcap Stockholders to Receive Additional Cash Payment From Sierra Crest of $2.15 Million in Aggregate, Or About $0.36/share.
Portman Ridge Finance Corp - Combined Company Will Be Externally Managed by Sierra Crest and is Expected to Have Net Asset Value of About $248 Million.
Portman Ridge Finance Corp - Stockholders Should Expect to Realize Net Investment Income per Share Accretion Following Closing of Transaction.