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Regenxbio Announces Positive Interim Data And Update For Phase I/II Trial Of RGX-121 For The Treatment Of MPS II

Published: 12/09/2020 12:16 GMT
Regenxbio Inc (RGNX) - Regenxbio Announces Positive Interim Data and Update for Phase I/ii Trial of Rgx-121 for the Treatment of Mps Ii.
Regenxbio Inc - Consistent Reductions in Csf Levels of Heparan Sulfate Up to 2 Years After Administration.
Regenxbio Inc - Continued Developmental Skill Acquisition in Patients With Mps Ii.
Regenxbio Inc - Initial Data From Cohort 2 Indicates Evidence of Systemic Enzyme Expression and Biomarker Activity.
Regenxbio Inc - Expects to Initiate Dosing of Patients in Cohort 3 at an Increased Dose in Q1 of 2021.