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Relay Therapeutics Announces Interim Clinical Data That Support RLY-4008 As A Highly Selective FGFR2 Inhibitor

Published: 10/08/2021 11:23 GMT
Relay Therapeutics Inc (RLAY) - Relay Therapeutics Announces Interim Clinical Data That Support Rly-4008 As a Highly Selective Fgfr2inhibitor.
Relay Therapeutics - Rly-4008 Showed Tumor Shrinkage in All Six Pan-fgfr Treatment-naÏve Fgfr2 Fusion Positivecholangiocarcinoma Patients.
Relay Therapeutics - Interim Data Support Clinical Benefits of Optimized Inhibition of Fgfr2 Regardless of Alteration, Line of Treatment Or Tumor Type.
Relay Therapeutics - Expects to Give Data Update From Ongoing Rly-4008 First-in-human Study in 2022.
Relay Therapeutics - Rly-4008 Has Generally Been Well Tolerated in 49 Patients Treated As of September 9, 2021.
Relay Therapeutics - Data Shows Rly-4008 is Highly Selective Fgfr2 Inhibitor, Not Limited by Off-target Toxicities of Hyperphosphatemia & Diarrhea.
Relay Therapeutics - Interim Data Shows Most Treatment Emergent Adverse Events Were Low-grade and Manageable in Rly-4008 Trial.