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Radiant Logistics - Incurred Expenses Related To Ransomware Incident, Currently Estimated In Range Of $0.5 Million -$1.0 Million

Published: 01/14/2022 22:52 GMT
Radiant Logistics, Inc. (RLGT) - Radiant Logistics - Incurred Expenses Related to Ransomware Incident, Currently Estimated in Range of $0.5 Million -$1.0 Million.
Radiant Logistics - Confirms Some Data Extraction Related to Co's Customers and Employees Occurred From Servers Before Co Took Systems Offline.
Radiant Logistics - Ransomware Incident Did Result in Loss of Revenue, Incremental Dec Costs, Expected to Adversely Impact Q2 Results for Fiscal Year 2022.
Further Company Coverage: Rlgta ((reuters.