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Repare Therapeutics Inc Entered Into A Collaboration And License Agreement With Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. And F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Published: 06/01/2022 20:22 GMT
Repare Therapeutics Inc (RPTX) - Repare Therapeutics Inc - on June 1, Entered Into a Collaboration and License Agreement With Hoffmann-la Roche Inc. and F. Hoffmann-la Roche Ltd.
Repare Therapeutics - Agreement Regarding Development and Commercialization of Co's Product Candidate Camonsertib and Specified Other Atr Inhibitors.
Repare Therapeutics Inc - Will Grant Roche a Worldwide, Exclusive, Sublicensable License to Develop, Manufacture, and Commercialize Licensed Products.
Repare Therapeutics Inc - Will Retain an Option Under Agreement to Enter Into a U.S. Co-development and Profit Share Arrangement With Roche.
Repare Therapeutics Inc - Also Retained Right to Conduct Specified Clinical Trials of Camonsertib in Combination With Company's Pkmyt1 Compound.
Repare Therapeutics Inc - Roche Has Agreed to Pay Company an Upfront Payment of $125 Million.
Repare Therapeutics - Roche Has Agreed to Pay Up to $1.172 Billion Upon Achieving Specified Clinical Regulatory, Commercial and Sales Milestone Events.
Repare Therapeutics - Will Also Be Entitled to Receive Tiered Royalties (ranging From High-single-digits to High-teens) on Sales of Licensed Products.
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