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Raytheon CEO Says Co Assuming Full Recovery In Commercial Aero By 2024-Morgan Stanley Laguna Conf

Published: 09/15/2021 13:00 GMT
Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX) - Raytheon Technologies Corp CEO Says International Travel Down Significantly Through the End of This Year and Probably Even Into Next Year-morgan Stanley Laguna Conf.
Raytheon CEO Says Even If Revenue Passenger Miles Are Down a Little Bit, Available Seat Miles Continue to Show Strong Growth and That's What's Driving the Aftermarket Business.
Raytheon CEO Says President's Mandate in Terms of the Vaccine is Only Going to Strengthen the Outlook As We Go Into Q4.
Raytheon CEO Says Raw Materials, Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Nickel, Other Precious Metal Prices Going Up, We're Going to See a Little Bit of Pressure in the Coming Years.
Raytheon CEO Says We're Assuming a Full Recovery in Commercial Aero by 2024.
Raytheon CEO Says Shortages Out There Are Real, Especially on the Logistics Side.
and Inflation, Especially on the Commodity Side, and We're Starting to See It on the Labor Side.
Raytheon CEO Says This Year You Will See US Do More Divestitures Than Acquisitions.
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