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Raytheon Technologies Says Raytheon Missiles & Defense Awarded $651 Mln To Produce Spy-6 Radars For Next-Gen US Navy Ships

Published: 03/31/2022 23:08 GMT
Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX) - Raytheon Missiles & Defense Awarded $651 Million to Produce Spy-6 Radars for Next-gen US Navy Ships.
Raytheon Technologies Corp- Co's Unit Awarded a $651 Million, With Options Totaling $2.5 Billion, Hardware, Production and Sustainment Contract.
Raytheon-co's Unit Contract, With Options, Totals $3.2 Billion and 5 Years of Radar Production to Equip Up to 31 U.S. Navy Ships With Spy-6 Radars.