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Starbucks CFO Expects Earnings To Grow To 15% To 20% Annually Over The Next Three Years

Published: 09/13/2022 22:19 GMT
Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) - Starbucks CFO - Expect Earnings to Grow to 15% to 20% Annually Over the Next Three Years, Up From Previous Guidance of 10% to 12% - Investor Day.
Starbucks CFO - Expecting Global Comp Growth to Reach the Range of 7% to 9% With 2023 at Or Above the High End of the Range Given the Timing of Recovery in China.
Starbucks CFO Sees Global Comp Growth Normalizing to the Low End of the Range in Fiscal 2024 and Fiscal 2025.
Starbucks CFO Says This Global Comp Growth is 3 Percentage Points Above the Mid Point of Previous Guidance Range of 4% to 5%.
Starbucks CFO - U.S. Comp Growth Expected to Increase to the Range of 7% to 9% Annually Over the Next Three Years, Also Up From Previous Guidance Range of 4% to 5%.
Starbucks CFO - Expecting to Open Nearly Eight Stores per Day Given the Pace of Global Store Openings That is Estimated to Be About 45,000 Stores by the End of Fiscal Year 2025.
Starbucks CFO - for China Expecting Comp to Be Outsized in Fiscal 2023 and Portions of Fiscal 2024 As We Lap the Severity of the Lockdowns in the Market.
Starbucks CFO - As the Market in China Recovers Expect Comp to Normalize to a Range of 4% to 6% in 2025, Up From Previous Forecast Range of 2% to 4%.
Starbucks CFO - Resuming Share Buyback Program.
Starbucks CFO - Between Our Dividends and Our Share Buybacks Expect to Return About 20 Billion Dollars to Shareholders in the Next Three Years.
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