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SCVX Says Bright Machines To Become A Public Company Via Merger With Co

Published: 05/17/2021 11:37 GMT
SCVX Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (SCVX) - Bright Machines, a Leader in Intelligent, Software-defined Manufacturing, to Become a Public Company Via Merger With Scvx.
Scvx Corp - Transaction Values Bright Machines at a Pro Forma Enterprise Value of $1.1 Billion and a Post-transaction Equity Value of $1.6 Billion.
Scvx Corp - Upon Completion of Merger, Bright Machines Intends to Trade Under Ticker Symbol "brtm".
Scvx Corp - Transaction is Expected to Provide Up to $435 Million in Gross Cash Proceeds, Including $230 Million of Cash Held in Trust From Scvx & Pipe of $205 Million.
Scvx Corp - Following Completion of Transaction, Amar Hanspal Will Continue to Lead Bright Machines As Ceo.
Scvx Corp - Current Bright Machines Shareholders, Including Eclipse Ventures, Lux Capital, & Bmw I Ventures, to Roll 100% of Their Equity in Combined Co.
Scvx Corp - Pipe Investors Include Xn, Hudson Bay Master Fund Ltd.
, Sb Management Ltd.
, Fidelity Management & Research Co Llc, & Alyeska Investment Group.