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Sigilon Therapeutics Announces Update On SIG-001 Phase 1/2 Study In Hemophilia A

Published: 11/29/2021 12:36 GMT
Sigilon Therapeutics Inc (SGTX) - Sigilon Therapeutics Announces Update on Sig-001 Phase 1/2 Study in Hemophilia A.
Sigilon Therapeutics Inc - Fibrosed Spheres Were Observed During a Retrieval Procedure in a Patient in Its Phase 1/2 Study of Sig-001.
Sigilon Therapeutics Inc - All Three Patients Enrolled in Sig-001 Trial Will Continue to Be Followed per Study Protocol.
Sigilon Therapeutics Inc - Patient Underwent a Laparoscopic Procedure Prescribed by Investigator to Retrieve Implanted Spheres.
Sigilon Therapeutics - Upon Inspection, Was Determined That Spheres Placed in Patient Had Fibrosed and That Cells Within Spheres Were No Longer Viable.
Sigilon - Findings Investigating Fibrosed Spheres in Patient May Have Impact on Timing of Initiating Dosing of Patients in Phase 1/2 Trial of Sig-005.