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SLR Investment, SLR Senior Investment Enter Into Merger Agreement

Published: 12/01/2021 21:32 GMT
SLR Investment Corp (SLRC) - Slr Investment Corp.
and Slr Senior Investment Corp.
Announce Entry Into Merger Agreement.
Slr Investment - Suns Shareholders to Receive an Amount of Slrc Shares With a Nav Equal to Nav of Suns Shares That They Hold at Time of Closing.
Slr Investment Corp - Combined Company Will Trade Under Ticker Symbol "slrc" on Nasdaq Global Select Market.
Slr Investment - Transaction, Which is Intended to Be Treated As a Tax-free Reorganization, Subject to Various Approvals by Slrc & Suns Stockholders.
Slr Investment Corp - Exchange Ratio Will Be Determined Within Forty-eight Hours Prior to Closing.
Slr Investment-shares Issued by Slrc to Suns Shareholders to Result in Ownership Split of Combined Co Based on Respective Navs of Each of Slrc & Suns.
Slr Investment Corp - Merger is Expected to Be Accretive to Net Investment Income of Combined Company.