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SeaSpine Announces Agreement To Acquire 7D Surgical

Published: 03/22/2021 21:25 GMT
SeaSpine Holdings Corp (SPNE) - Seaspine Announces Agreement to Acquire 7d Surgical.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - Cash and Stock Deal Valued at $110 Million.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - Once Closed, Deal is Expected to Contribute to Revenue Through Addition of 7d Customer Base.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - Expect Acquisition to Be Immediately Accretive to Revenue and Revenue Growth.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - 7d Surgical Shareholders Will Receive Aggregate of 4.3 Million Shares of Seaspine Stock, in Deal.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - 7d Shareholders Will Hold About 13% of Issued & Outstanding Seaspine Shares, After Deal Close.
Seaspine Holdings Corp - Expects to Finance Cash Portion of Acquisition Consideration From More Than $88 Million of Cash Currently On-hand.