Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Spectrum Pharma Announces Debt Financing Agreement With SLR Capital Partners

Published: 09/23/2022 11:23 GMT
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SPPI) - Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Announces Debt Financing Agreement With Slr Capital Partners With $30 Million Funded at Closing.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc - Cash Runway Extended Through 2024.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc - Funding Provides Additional Capital to Optimize Commercial Launch of Rolvedon.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc - Multiple Tranche Debt Financing Provides Spectrum With Up to $65 Million.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc - Spectrum Will Have Access to Up to $65 Million in Debt Financing, Divided Into Four Tranches.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc - Tranches Are Available for Drawdown at Spectrum's Discretion at Various Points Until November 15, 2023.