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BYD Unveils New Shock Absorption Tech for Premium EVs

Date Published:
Author: CML News


BYD, the electric vehicle manufacturer backed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, has introduced a new driver-assist technology that stabilizes car rides through rugged terrain, sharp turns, and shallow water.



  • The new technological system is a feature of BYD’s recently launched premium brand, Yangwang
  • The shock absorption tech is designed to stabilize car rides through rugged terrain, sharp turns, and shallow water
  • The tech uses lidar sensors to create detailed maps of the surrounding area
  • The “DiSus” system provides a foundation for the future development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • BYD has been cautious about self-driving tech, citing the challenge of determining liability in the event of an accident
  • Advanced assisted driving tech has the potential to improve overall safety, according to BYD management
  • The industry is working to balance ambitious driver-assist options with measured safety protocols
  • Tesla recently recalled over 360,000 cars over assisted-driving software for city streets that it said may cause crashes
  • Urban assisted driving software is not available for Tesla drivers in China.

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