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PNC Financial Reports Strong Q1 Results Thanks to Higher Interest Rates

Date Published:
Author: CML News


PNC Financial Services Group saw an 18.5% rise in Q1 profit due to an increase in net interest income, driven by the Federal Reserve's rate hikes.



  • PNC Financial Services Group reported an 18.5% rise in first-quarter profit, with a profit of $3.98 per share.
  • The rise in profit was due to the Federal Reserve's rate hikes that caused a surge in PNC's net interest income (NII).
  • PNC's NII, which measures the difference between earnings on loans and deposit payouts, jumped about 28% to $3.6 billion from a year earlier.
  • Deposits for the first quarter ended March rose marginally to $436.8 billion from $436.3 billion in the previous quarter.
  • PNC CEO William Demchak noted that despite a quarter of heightened market volatility, the bank was able to grow deposits and increase its capital position.
  • PNC may adjust share repurchase activity based on market and economic conditions as well as other factors.
  • The bank's positive Q1 results are a welcome change after a difficult Q4 2022 that saw a significant drop in share price due to liquidity concerns and bank failures in the industry.

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