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Sinovac Reports Preliminary Phase I/II Results Of Covid-19 Vaccine In Elderly Volunteers

Published: 09/09/2020 18:51 GMT
Sinovac Biotech, Ltd. (SVA) - Sinovac Reports Preliminary Phase I/ii Results of Covid-19 Vaccine in Elderly Volunteers.
Sinovac Biotech Ltd - Inactivated Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Appeared to Be Well Tolerated for Low Dose, Medium Dose, and High Dose Groups.
Sinovac Biotech Ltd - No Vaccine-related Serious Adverse Event Was Reported.
Sinovac Biotech Ltd - Coronavac Shows Good Safety and Immunogenicity on Healthy Adults Aged 60 & Above From Phase I/ii Clinical Studies Conducted in China.
Sinovac Biotech Ltd - According to Results, Medium Dose of Inactivated Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Was Selected to Enter Into Phase Iii Trial.
Sinovac Biotech Ltd - Completed Construction of Production Facility and Have Commenced Production of Coronavac.