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Taoping Inc Says Taop Signs Memorandum Of Understanding To Establish Cryptocurrency Mining Joint Venture For Building 100Mw Capacity In Kazakhstan

Published: 08/27/2021 12:19 GMT
Taoping Inc. (TAOP) - Taop Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Establish Cryptocurrency Mining Joint Venture for Building 100mw Capacity in Kazakhstan.
Taoping Inc - Tdaa and Apc Will Own 51% and 49%, Respectively.
Taoping Inc - Tdaa Will Control Board of Directors of Joint Venture.
Taoping - Jv Plans to Invest, Build Cryptocurrency Mining Sites With Total Capacity of 100mw.
Taoping Inc - Tdaa Will Have Priority to Deploy Cryptocurrency Mining Machines Owned by Tdaa Or Its Partners.
Taoping Inc - Joint Venture Plans to Rent Out Excess Operating Capacity to Third Parties for Additional Income.
Taoping Inc - Joint Venture Will Carry Out Operation and Maintenance of Cryptocurrency Mining Machines in Kazakhstan.