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Tiffany Says Responds To LVMH's Request To Delay Delaware Trial For "Six Or Seven Months"‎

Published: 09/16/2020 22:54 GMT
(TIF) - Tiffany Responds to Lvmh's Request to Delay Delaware Trial for "six Or Seven Months"‎.
Corrects Inaccurate Statements by Lvmh Regarding Merger Agreement.
Tiffany - Responded to Opposition Filed Today by Lvmh to Tiffany's Motion to Expedite Its Lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court.
"lvmh is Continuing Its Blatant Ongoing Efforts to Avoid Paying Agreed-upon Price for Tiffany".
Lvmh's Claim of "material Adverse Effect" is Baseless.
"lvmh's Behavior Forced Tiffany to File Its Complaint".
If Lvmh Were Confident in Its Legal Position, It Would Have No Reason to Oppose an Expedited Trial Schedule.
Urge Court to Hold Trial on a Timetable That Will Enable a Decision Before November 24 Termination Date in Merger Agreement.
Already Returned to Profitability and Expect to Remain Profitable for Balance of Year.
Tiffany Remains Committed to Completing Transaction on Agreed Terms and Timing.