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Grindr To Become A Public Company, Post-Transaction Enterprise Value Of $2.1 Bln

Published: 05/09/2022 21:23 GMT
Tiga Acquisition Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (TINV) - Grindr to Become a Public Company, Advancing Mission to Connect Lgbtq+ People With One Another and the World.
Tiga Acquisition Corp - Grindr Rollover Equity to Be Valued at About $1.6 Billion and an Estimated Post-transaction Enterprise Value of $2.1 Billion.
Tiga Acquisition Corp - Grindr’s Existing Equity Holders to Own About 78% of Grindr at Closing.
Tiga Acquisition Corp - Upon Completion of the Transaction, the Combined Company Will Be Named Grindr Inc.tiga Acquisition Corp - Grindr’s Board and Management Have Identified and Been in Discussions With a Potential New Chief Executive Officer Candidate.
Tiga Acquisition Corp - Deal to Raise Estimated $384 Million Including $284 Million of Tac’s Cash in Trust Plus Up to $100 Million in Forward Purchase Agreement.
Tiga Acquisition - Jeff Bonforte to Continue to Serve As Grindr’s CEO Until New CEO is Able to Join Grindr, at Which Point Bonforte to Transition to Advisory Role.