Tilray Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class 2

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Tilray Acquires Majority Position In Amended Medmen Convertible Notes

Published: 08/17/2021 20:41 GMT
Tilray Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class 2 (TLRY) - Tilray Acquires Majority Position in Amended Medmen Convertible Notes.
Tilray Inc - Investment Provides Tilray a Potential Accelerated Path Into U.S. Cannabis Market Upon Federal Legalization.
Tilray Inc - Amendment and Extension of Convertible Notes Enables Medmen to Reshape Balance Sheet and Further Accelerate Its Growth Trajectory.
Tilray Inc - a Newly Formed Limited Partnership Acquired About U.S. $165.8 Million of Notes and Warrants, All of Which Were Originally Issued by Medmen.
Tilray Inc - Medmen Did Not Receive Any Proceeds From Transfer of Notes.