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Tonix Pharma Says Data Shows TNX-1800 Induces Protection Against SARS-COV-2 Infection In Non-Human Primates

Published: 03/17/2021 11:18 GMT
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (TNXP) - Tonix Pharma Reports Positive Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy Results in Non-human Primates Vaccinated With Tnx-1800 & Challenged With Live Sars-cov-2.
Tonix Pharmaceuticals - Tnx-1800 Phase 1 Human Study Targeted to Start in H2 2021, Following Ind Clearance by FDA & Production of Gmp Material.
Tonix Pharma - All 8 Animals Vaccinated With Tnx-1800 Had Undetectable Sars-cov-2 in Upper & Lower Airways 6 Days After Challenge With Sars-cov-2.
Tonix Pharmaceuticals - Tnx-1800 Will Be Glass-sparing, With 100 Doses Filled per Vial.
Tonix Pharmaceuticals - Tnx-1800 and Tnx-801 Were Well Tolerated at Both Doses in Study.
Tonix Pharmaceuticals - Data Shows That Tnx-1800 Induces Protection Against Sars-cov-2 Infection in Non-human Primates.