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Trustmark Corp Reports Qtrly Diluted EPS $0.82

Published: 04/27/2021 21:22 GMT
Trustmark Corp. (TRMK) - Trustmark Corporation Announces First Quarter 2021 Financial Results.
Trustmark Corp Qtrly Diluted Earnings per Share of $0.82.
Trustmark Corp - in Quarter, Provision for Credit Losses Totaled a Negative $10.5 Million Due to Improved Credit Loss Expectations.
Trustmark Corp - Revenue in Q1 Totaled $162.9 Million, Down 8.2% From Prior Quarter and 3.7% From Same Quarter in Prior Year.
Trustmark Corp - Net Interest Income (fte) in Q1 Totaled $105.2 Million, Resulting in a Net Interest Margin of 2.81%, Down 34 Basis Points From Prior Quarter.
Revenue is expected to be $163.44 Million
Adjusted EPS is expected to be $0.55

Next Quarter Revenue Guidance is expected to be $163.84 Million
Next Quarter EPS Guidance is expected to be $0.56

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